About MCubed


MCubed distributes real-time seed funding to multi-unit teams of faculty engaged in innovative research and scholarship, enabling them to keep pace with the rapid information flow of today’s dynamic research environment.  It allows faculty teams to address major social problems too complex for a single disciplinary approach—and to pursue experimental approaches that might be too unconventional to attract immediate support from more traditional funding mechanisms.  The program also includes high-visibility, campus-wide research symposia to showcase the cubes' results.

MCubed 1.0:  2012-2014 cycle (Closed)

In 2012, MCubed launched its inaugural cycle, with generous funding from the U-M Provost’s Office, Rackham Graduate School, all U-M schools/colleges, and faculty collaborators.  A total of 222 “cubes” (teams of 3 faculty partners from at least two units) formed and were each awarded $60,000 to conduct multidisciplinary research and scholarship.  This cycle closed on December 31, 2014.  To view cubes from MCubed 1.0, go to Find Projects and use the "Filter Projects" box, selecting "Internal" under Type.  Hit search.

MCubed 2.0:  2015-2017 cycle (More Information Coming Soon)

Later in 2015, MCubed will launch the second cycle of its internally funded cubing program.  As in the first cycle, each school, college, or participating unit will determine the faculty groups who receive MCubed tokens.  Then three faculty from at least two different units across campus can use their MCubed tokens to form teams to engage in innovative research and scholarship. $15,000 or $60,000 will be rapidly awarded to each trio of faculty, or "cube," depending on the level of funding the team requests.  MCubed 2.0 will be funded jointly by the U-M Provost's Office, U-M schools and colleges, and individual faculty collaborators.  Stay tuned for additional information, including program requirements and the funding models for tokens from each participating unit.

Read press release, "MCubed Research-funding Experiment Renewed for Two Years," for outcomes from MCubed 1.0 and plans for MCubed 2.0.

MCubed Diamond Program 

The MCubed Diamond Program provides an unprecedented opportunity for donors to invest in research projects that align exactly with their interests, from global health to education, and sustainability to social justice.  Funders set the parameters for each project, interact with the University of Michigan to identify faculty experts to lead their project, and receive compelling updates about the work of the team through the MCubed website.

Learn more about the Diamond Program.