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Mcubed Executive Committee

Mark Burns (Chair)

June Howard (LSA)

Robert Jagers (Education)

Valerie Johnson (Managing Director)

Gary Luker (Medicine)

Charlotte Mistretta (Dentistry)

Nick Tobier (Art & Design)

Ann Verhey-Henke (Public Health)

Unit Contact Information - Ann Arbor Campus

Art and Design

Mahendra Kumar, Chief Administrative Officer


Russell Taichman, Associate Dean for Research

Melissa Karby, Contracts and Grants Manager


Elizabeth Moje, Associate Dean for Research


Steve Ceccio, Associate Dean for Research

Linda Forsyth, CoE Research Administration Expert

Ford (Public Policy)

Marcy Brighton, Chief Administrative Officer

Alexandra Thebaud, Business Manager


Paul Resnick, Associate Dean for Research and Innovation

Rebecca O'Brien, Director of Research Administration


Greg Cartee, Associate Dean for Research

Elizabeth Tropiano, Contract and Grant Specialist


Dan Halberstam, Associate Dean for Faculty and Research

Life Sciences Institute

Anna Schork, Managing Director

LSA – Humanities

Anne Curzan, Associate Dean for Humanities

Linda Chadwick, Director of Research Administration

LSA – Natural Sciences

Douglas Richstone, Associate Dean for Natural Sciences

Linda Chadwick, Director of Research Administration

LSA – Social Sciences

Liz Cole, Associate Dean for Social Sciences

Linda Chadwick, Director of Research Administration


Steve Kunkel, Associate Dean for Research

Jessica Durkin, Associate Director of Administration for Research

Music, Theatre and Dance

Marie McCarthy, Director of Research


Janean Holden, Associate Dean for Research and Global Affairs

Karen Kirchner, Interim Research Manager


Vicki Ellingrod, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education

Janet Mitchell, Research Process Coordinator

Public Health

John Meeker, Associate Dean for Research

Ross (Business)

Francine Lafontaine, Associate Dean of Faculty and Research

Jennifer Huntington, Reserach Process Coordinator

Social Work

Rogerio Pinto, Associate Dean for Research

Scott Stanfill, Research Services Manager

Sustainability and Environment (SEAS)

Maria Lemos, Associate Dean for Research

Shelly Baczkowski, Business Manager

Teresa Herrick, Research Process Manager

Taubman (Architecture and Urban Planning)

Geoffrey Thun, Associate Dean for Research

University Libraries System

Nerea Llamas, Librarian, Graduate Library

Jane Blumenthal, Director of Taubman Health Sciences Library and Associate University Librarian

University of Michigan Office of Research Units

Nick Wigginton, Assistant Vice President for Research--Research Initiatives

Nancy Penberthy, Director of Budget & Shared Administrative Services


Contact Information - Dearborn Campus

John Cristiano, Campus Director for Research Administration


Media Inquiries

Nicole Casal Moore
(734) 647-7087

Website and General Mcubed Issues

Mcubed Main Office(734) 763-2453

Mcubed Staff:

Valerie Johnson, Mcubed Managing Director, 

Wendy Palms, Mcubed Associate Director,

Amanda Winters, Mcubed Project Manager,

Kara Cristian, Mcubed Administrative Assistant Senior, 


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