First-come, First-served Phase

For the remainder of MCubed 2.0, cubes can form through an ongoing first-come, first-served phase.  This strategy allows faculty teams to request cubes at any time rather than waiting for a cube-request event. When a project owner requests a cube, the MCubed system will respond in approximately one week’s time.  As long as the three faculty collaborators' home units have enough funding left for tokens, the cube will be granted.  Cubes will be distributed on a rolling basis, with the same MCubed program requirements and funding models as before. 

The final deadline for requesting a cube in the MCubed 2.0 cycle is Friday, March 31, 2017.

To date, MCubed has distributed over 230 cubes in this second cycle, which runs from years 2015-2017. While we have been delighted by faculty's enthusiasm so far, we still have sufficient central funding on the Ann Arbor campus to support many more cubes.  In most units, it's not too late for faculty to request a cube! 

Check the lists below to see if your faculty from your unit can still form cubes.


Units with Remaining Funded Tokens:  Faculty can form classic ($60K) or mini cubes ($15K)

Ann Arbor Campus








Life Sciences Institute

LSA:  Humanities

LSA:  Natural Sciences

LSA:  Social Sciences

Music, Theatre & Dance

Natural Resources & Environment



Public Health

UMOR units


Units with Remaining Funded Tokens for Mini-cubes Only ($15K)

Ann Arbor Campus

Architecture & Urban Planning

Art & Design

Public Policy

Social Work

Dearborn Campus


Public Health


Units with No Remaining Funded Tokens, but other opportunities*

Ann Arbor Campus

Graham Sustainability Institute

Law School

Medical School

Dearborn Campus



CASL Humanities

CASL Natural Sciences

CASL Social Sciences

*If you come from one of these units, you can still participate in a cube as an additional team member who contributes knowledge and expertise, and your name can be included on the cube’s page within the MCubed website.  (In fact, cubes very often involve more than three faculty members.)  But you won’t be contributing a token to form the cube.  It can only be formed by three faculty with units that have sufficient numbers of funded tokens.


Need Help?

For more details, see the Status of All Tokens table or contact  We can help you strategize!