Mcubed Program Requirements

One token per investigator – Each independent investigator in the program as defined by their unit (e.g., tenured or tenure-track professor) will receive one token. Only one token will be given per investigator campus-wide in the two-year period regardless of the investigator’s affiliation.  The tokens expire at the end of the two-year period.

Three tokens per cube – Tokens must be redeemed in groups of three to form a “cube.”  Multi-cube groups (i.e., blocks) are acceptable and encouraged to fund larger projects (e.g., 9 investigators can form 3 cubes to fund 3 students or postdocs).  

No Review – There will be no review as a condition for redeeming tokens.

Choice of funding level – Investigators can choose one of two different funding levels for a cube.  A classic cube is worth $60,000, and a mini cube is worth $15,000.  The funding for the cubes is distributed among the Provost, the units, and the individual investigators.  Details of funding distribution for each unit will be posted on the MCubed website.

Interdisciplinary cube – The cube must be interdisciplinary; i.e., each cube must contain tokens from at least two different units. The units are typically defined as a school or college although there are exceptions (e.g., LSA divisions, UMOR programs). Units funding 10 or fewer tokens may restrict token use to only one per cube from their unit.

Cube is new research – All three investigators of a cube at the time of cubing cannot be simultaneously on an existing externally sponsored research project.  The funds cannot be used for extending existing, externally funded projects, or for projects with sufficient preliminary results for funding by external agencies (e.g., NIH, NSF).  Also, cubes in the 2018-2020 Mcubed program cannot contain the same three investigators as those from the 2015-2017 (Mcubed 2.0) or 2012-2014 (Mcubed 1.0) cubing cycles.

Cube supports students/postdocs – In line with the educational mission of Mcubed, at least 50% of the cube's funding must be used to support University of Michigan undergraduate students, graduate students or postdocs.  The remaining 50% of the funds can be used for equipment, supplies, lab fees, subject incentives, staff support, and travel.  Investigator salaries are not allowable expenses.  

Symposium participation – Each cube will be represented at the Mcubed Symposium. Participation in the Symposium is the single required deliverable from the Mcubed funding.  At least one member of the cube team should be present throughout the day's events. Cube teams will showcase their work through either a poster presentation or featured TED-like talk presentation.

Mcubed website for cubing – To receive funds, one participant must enter the project information (title of project, description, etc.) into the Mcubed website, and this investigator is the owner of the project.  The owner then invites two other participants to join the project and form a cube.  Following cube formation, withdrawals from contributing accounts will occur rapidly, and a project chartfield with a shortcode will be quickly available and managed in the owner’s unit.  Participants can post as many projects as they want, but they can only add their token to one project.

Funding period – The Mcubed 3.0 funding period will run from 2018- 2020. Any overdraft will be divided equally among the three collaborators' overdraft shortcodes.  Any remaining funds will be proportionately returned to the Provost's Office, units, and financially contributing PIs. More details to come soon.

Other things –Investigators who violate any of the requirements or principles of the program may have their funding revoked.