Innovation Cubed
MCubed is proudly based in the University of Michigan Office of Research (UMOR), and is part of the Third Century Initiative, launched by the offices of the President and Provost.


Michigan League Ballroom

Auditory, Visual, and Sensory Systems
A Novel Glaucoma Drainage Device
Characterizing the efficacy of corneal crosslinking (CXL) therapy
Enhancing hearing restoration by improving the condition of the fluid spaces in the cochlea
Environment and epigenetics in ALS
Interactions between hearing and balance
Novel drug delivery and treatments for glaucoma

Brain Function and Mental Health
Cellular Models for Bipolar Disorder using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Emotion Regulation in the Brain
Focused ultrasound release of encapsulated drugs and hormones to treat and understand local brain function
Imaging Fleeting Thoughts
Membrane and synaptic dynamics in Alzheimer's disease pathology
Neural Coherence at Rest and During Language Processing in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Pattern classification for discovery of biomarkers of psychiatric disease
Research Hub on College Student Mental Health
The Aging Brain:Network Changes and Functional Consequences
Using mobile technology to manage bipolar disorder

Antacid medications as anticancer agents improve patients survival and clinical outcome
Characterization of the NotchMolecular Network in Brain Tumors
Development of a cancer stem cell vaccine
Development of a method for identifying small molecule inhibitors of proteins in cancer
Do lipids alter the effectiveness of cancer therapies?
Hedgehog pathway cancer therapy and taste and smell defects, Team A
Hedgehog pathway cancer therapy and taste and smell defects, Team B
Impact of Physician Social Networks on Prostate Cancer Quality, Outcomes, and Disparities
Integration of cell growth and movement
Measuring the Costs and Benefits of New Biomarkers for Prostate Cancer Screening
Modeling prostate cancer metastasis in bone
Neutron Detection for Cancer Therapy
Non-invasive Neuromodulation of the Brain as an Adjuvant in Cancer Pain Management
Oral HPV, Sex and Cancer
Using cell signaling and cell behavior for personalized medicine

Biophysical Manipulation of Functional Amyloids
CHAMPION: Congenital Hand Anomalies -- Measuring PROMIS, Individual experiences, Outcomes, and Needs
Develop patient specific vascular graft using patient's inducible pleuripotent stem cells
Development of Imaging Methods to Diagnose Adrenal Disease
ECM Remodeling in Diabetic Kidney Disease
Extracellular Matrix(ECM) Turnover in Chronic GVHD
Integrative Study of Interspecies Disease in Kenya's Diverse Dry lands
Investigating intestinal function and disease
Marker steroids in primary aldosteronism
Metals and Degenerative Diseases: an Interdisciplinary Study Bridging Chemistry, Genetics and Public Health
Novel insights in the causes and treatment of autoimmune diseases affecting saliva production
Periodontal Health and Periostin, Potential Modifiers of Cardiovascular Homeostasis
Prevention of vascular complications in sickle cell disease
Regulation of Sphingolipid Homeostasis and Implications for Disease
Sensitive detection of molecular markers for disease and experimental tools
Therapeutic application of synthetic HDL for treatment of autoimmune diseases
Transient receptor potential cation channels in health and disease
Understanding HIV: How cell-to-cell virus transmission occurs in lymphoid tissues

A Functional Genomics Approach to Identify Kidney Disease Risk Genes
A genome-wide DNA methylation study in giant cell arteritis
Antibiotic Resistance Gene Degradation During Wastewater Disinfection
Computer model to help patients find the genes linked to inherited retinal diseases
Data and Algorithms for Modeling the 4D Genome
Discovery of Natural Products for Probing the Structure and Function of tRNA Processing
Genes and Cultural Acquisition
MicroRNA regulation in adrenocortical disease
Novel Dark Matter Detectors Using Molecular Biology and Nanotechnology
Proteomics and Genetics of Tooth Defects
Regulating genes in animals
RNA structure in translation initiation and regulation
Seeing is Believing: Electron Mircoscopy and the Art of DNA Sushi
Targeting DNA methylation by TALE enzymes
Transcriptome evolution

A pill that mimics exercise? Exploiting Sestrins as exercise mimetics to extend healthspan
Adoption and Use of Information Technology to Improve Hospital Performance
Bioabsorbable device for percutaneous atrial septal defect closure
How bacteria in the human gut recognize, bind to and help digest starches
Improving Memory in Heart Failure
Machine Learning for Computational Healthcare
Manufacturing Designer Free Flaps Utilizing a Stem Cell and Autologous Tissue Transformation Approach
Medicine Consults
Potential health effects of soot nanoparticles from indoor gas stovetops
Retaining Identity:Studying creativity's effects on caregivers and care recipients
Strategic Health Workforce Planning
Survival Benefit of Simultaneous Liver and Kidney Transplantation
Synthetic human modeling for image-guided interventions
The making of a physician: the moral aspects of premedical and medical education
Ultrasound-Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage During Diagnostic Examination of the Lung

Humans, Machines, Technology
AIM-AT-BP (Artifical Intellingence Medication Adherence messages To improve Blood Pressure)
Bio-inspired Large Scale Structural Material
CLOUD: Balloon Platform Rural Internet Provider
COOL-Plasma: Efficient cold-plasma generation for applications in spacecraft propulsion and wound treatment
Enabling Patient-Centered Care With Advanced Mobile Monitoring
Improving Resident Rotation Scheduling to Maximize Training Opportunities
Improving Trauma Triage Models for Motor Vehicle Crashes
Low power electronics for brain machine interface applications
Mechanical Properties and Computational Methods for Composites Formed of Pre-stressed Knitted Textiles
Methodology for Developing Real-Time Mobile Phone Adaptive Interventions
Microdialysis of Striatal Modulators during Adaptive Choice
Monitoring of patients using low-cost wireless health sensors
Personalized Products and Production
Reconfigurable graphene beams for microscopy and micromanipulation
Topological insulator, nano transistors for post-CMOS era
Personalized 3D Scaffolds for Craniosynostosis
Understanding the Role of the Built Environment for Mobility using Mobile Technology
Using a laser to accelerate electrons and make a movie of atoms in motion
Virtual Prototyping of Human-Robot Collaboration in Unstructured Construction Environments
Virtual reality as a surrogate sensory environment for evaluation of human luminous environment

Muscles, Bones, Organs, Limbs
Biology of the neuromuscular synapse (connection between the nerve and muscle cells)
Bone, Exercise and Energy
Core outcomes measures for rotator cuff disorders
Design, synthesis, and imaging of novel bone adhesives
Novel imaging technologies for early detection of heterotopic ossification
Role of Deptor in tumorigenesis, muscle homeostasis and hematopoiesis
Self eating, PIPs, and muscle disease
Self-assembly of beating heart muscle derived from adult stem cells
Targeted Nanoplatform-enabled Sonodynamic Cardiac Ablation
Therapeutic Ultrasound for Bone Regeneration
Understanding ACL Strain Patterns

Drug Discovery to block protein-protein interactions for cancer therapy
Dysfunction of Dinitrobenzene-Bound Mitochondrial Proteins
Integrated Experimental and Computational Approach to Design of Drug Delivery Systems
Mechanism of Acoustic Droplet Vaporization
Preclinical development of antibacterial compounds
Prediction and modulation ofcocrystalline drug solubility/dissolution levels

Women's and Children's Health
A biochip platform to precisely detect sepsis-suffering infants' immune status
Clinical and Non-Clinical Factors Influencing the use of Electronic Fetal Monitoring
Drone technology for classification of bone age X-ray images in children with growth disorders
Environment, infection, antioxidant vitamins and preterm birth: Understanding and preventing a global public health problem
Estimating conditional survival for breast, colorectal and thyroid cancer patients
Eugenics and Coerced Sterilization in California: A Digital History
Incorporating Tailored Adherence Assessment and Promotion into the UM System for Pediatric and Young Adults
Manipulating CXCL12-CXCR4 signaling pathway in breast cancer with an experimental & computational approach
Measurement of Body Shape Change in Children

Michigan Room

Social Media/Data/Networks
A Fast Surface Integral Equation Solver for the Radiative Transfer Equation
Addressing Individual and Group Biases with Data Visualization
Compelling Data Visualizations for Health
Data-Mining for Optimal Metal-Organic Frameworks
Development of Bioinformatics Tools to Support Clinical & Translational Research
Environments and Activity: GPS-Based Collection of Real-Time Perception and Behavioral Data to Support Modeling
Infrastructure for Context-Aware Computing
National Infrastructure for Sensor Networking
New Directions in the Study of Infrastructure
Scientific Needs Assessment and Analysis of Bioinformatics Tools to Support Clinical & Translational Research
Supporting Cyber-enabled Advanced Manufacturing with High-speed Networks

Sustainability, Water, Environment
Algal biofuel and biodiversity
An autonomous biomass reactor to create carbon neutral transportation fuels and prevent forest fires
Carbon Capture and Storage
Efficient Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting for Wireless Sensors
Enhancing Lifetime and Stability of Rechargeable Battery Packs Using Two- and Three-Dimensional Battery Networks
Innovatively Planning for Technological Innovation: Water, Infrastructure, and Sustainability
Learning how to make liquid fuels from algae oil under water
Linking people, forests, and the atmosphere to model landscape sustainability
Mercury Biogeochemistry in Michigan Lakes
Project Incentive Design Toward an IntegratedSector in a Carbon Constrained World
Solar Splitting of Water Using Abundant Materials
Structure-Property Relationships of Novel Oxides for Li-Ion Batteries
Thin Nanostructured Silicon Solar Cells Using Optical Confinement
Urban Gardens: constrained auto-generation of spatial pattern and consequences for ecosystem services
Urgent transitions: Responding to emerging biophysical limits

Vandenberg Room

Education, Language, Arts, Culture
Architectural Revolutions from the Roman Empire to the Digital Age
Building a Bigger Broader Creative Class
Collaboration Cubed: Faculty-Student Team, UM-Detroit Partnership, Entrpreneurship Networks
Digital Environments Cluster Publishing Series
Electronic Lab Notebook for Physical, Chemical & Engineering Sciences
Engaging Translation
Examining Curricular & Extra-Curricular Social Networks and their Relationship to Student Engagement & Learning
Modeling linguistic convergence, divergence and innovation in creole genesis
Opening the Music Archive: Community, Memory and Ethical Access
The Holy Braille
Using the Digital to Read Literary Texts in Context

Law, Business, Policy, Economy
Center on Finance, Law and Policy
Combating Vote-Selling: A Field Experiment in the Philippines
Did the housing bubble affect long-term care insurance purchases?
Distribution Free Inventory Control For Supply Chains with General Topologies
Governance of Disruptive Technologies
Modeling the Spread of Crime
Optimizing resource allocation across multiple interventions for cost-effective malaria prevention and control
School Siting: Environmental Justice, Health, and Law
Usability and Impact of Health Care Price Transparency Tools
Using satellite data to study how variation in energy access can lead to economic, political instability

The Molecule
Anti-Infectious Nanoparticle Scaffolds
Conjugated Polymers with Directed Alignment Property for Organic Photovoltaic Cell Application
Constructing a complex intestine in vitro
High-resolution imaging of fat tissue metabolism
Investigation of Mixed-Metal Oxides and Oxynitride Interfaces for Improved Photocatalysis
Mechanisms of cytokinesis: A study in plants and animals
The roles of autophagy in mesenchymal stem cells
Transformative approaches to study cell signaling
Weighing Individual Ribosomes: Developing Structural Mass Spectrometry to Study Ribonucleoprotein Complexes