Innovation Cubed
MCubed is proudly based in the University of Michigan Office of Research (UMOR), and is part of the Third Century Initiative, launched by the offices of the President and Provost.


The MCubed Difference, Part 1
Novel treatments for infected hemodialysis catheters
Building a Bigger Broader Creative Class
Supercharging Macrophages to Resolve Lung Inflamation
Supercharging Macrophages to Resolve Lung Inflamation
Neural Coherence at Rest and During Language Processing in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Active Classroom

The MCubed Difference, Part 2
Transdisciplinary Discovery to Benefit Detroit Neighborhoods and Fresh Water Resources
The Role of Facebook in Everyday Life
Bringing Gentler Treatments for Metastatic Cancer Therapy to Light
Take a Nature Pill for Better Wellbeing
Influence of global trade on the human health impacts of particulate matter induced by consumption

Cubes in the Spotlight

Cancer—Henderson Room, Michigan League
Antimicrobial Peptides as Anticancer Agents
ALDH inhibitors as cancer differentiation therapy
Radiation therapy treatment plan optimization for liver cancer
Finding Nessy: Unlocking the secrets of the dormant monster within its nest
All-in-one Detection of T cells - Specificity, Phenotype, and Function

Data, Networks, Informatics—Hussey Room, Michigan League
Building Translation Networks at Michigan
Linking Social Media and Surveys: Processes and Tools
Mining Social Media Data for the Patterns of Spatiotemporal Dissemination of Health-related Information and Concerns
Big Data in astronomy: U-M astroinformatics research group
Ontology Development and Applications for Clinical and Translational Science
Dyadic Bayesian Discrete Choice Models, applied to Web-Based Network Data

Education, Society, Development—Alumni Center Founders Room AB
Catalyzing Interdisciplinary Collaborations: Studying the Impact of M-Cubed on Researchers and Research
Does Capacity Constrain Student Success in Higher Education?
Digital Humanities Approaches to Popular Periodicals: Quantifying Reading Trends with Time Series Analysis
Unintended Consequences of Technology in Development: A Cross-Sectional Analysis
Prison Creative Arts Project Image Archive

Treatments, Medical Technology, Healthcare—Koessler Rm, Michigan League
Maternal Feeding Project - Team 1
Maternal Feeding Project - Team 2
Maternal Feeding Project - Team 3
Reducing effort through an augmented lower limb prostheses
Analysis of Patient and Caregiver Expectations to Transplant Recipients
Targeted Nanoparticle Based Medicine: Inhibiting glioma invasion using targeted nanoparticles
Adherence to HIV-Care among Ugandan Adolescents
Personalized 3D Scaffolds for Craniosynostosis

Water, Environment, Climate—Alumni Center Founders Room CD
Hydraulic Fracturing of Shales: Water Contamination Risks, Treatment Options, and Fate of Fracking Fluids (1)
Hydraulic Fracturing of Shales: Water Contamination Risks, Treatment Options, and Fate of Fracking Fluids (2)
Tracking water and biodiversity resources in the Great Lakes
A mathematical, scientific and measurement framework for the assessment of water balance and water quality
The Drinking Water Microbiome and Human Health
Climate and Air Quality Impacts of Greenhouse Gases and Atmospheric Particles in Northern Michigan
Dust in sea-ice: A source of nutrients and climate change