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11/15/2017 Michigan Research Newsletter

Catalyst for Creativity

11/2/2017 MLive

Federal funding for biomedical research won't dry up, NIH director tells UM crowd

11/1/2017 The University Record

MCubed research funding effort renewed for third three-year cycle

11/1/2017 The University Record

NIH chief discusses research funding trends, role of MCubed

11/1/2017 The Michigan Daily

MCubed Symposium celebrates interdisciplinary research

10/31/2017 Ann Arbor News

University of Michigan's $457 million in NIH research funding topic of talk

10/6/2017 Michigan Engineer News Center

Using University of Michigan buildings as batteries

3/31/2017 Inside MCubed Blog

Over 250 Cubes Launched in MCubed 2.0

8/10/2016 The University Record

Bicentennial Office awards more than $415K for dozens of projects

7/11/2016 Stamps School Stories

Arts in Oaxaca

4/4/2016 Inside MCubed Blog

Ann Arbor and Dearborn faculty join forces through MCubed

1/26/2016 Inside MCubed Blog

U-M Dearborn will participate in MCubed this semester!

11/9/2015 The University Record

Grant support available for bicentennial projects, programs

10/29/2015 Inside MCubed Blog

MCubed 2.0 starts with a bang

9/17/2015 The University Record

U-M's unique MCubed seed grants start second cycle of funding

8/19/2015 Huffington Post

Preliminary results are in:  The "Nature Pill" works!

8/17/2015 Inside MCubed Blog

MCubed Jumpstarts Early Faculty Careers, Part I:  Reducing Childhood Obesity by Redesigning Classrooms

7/21/2015 Inside MCubed Blog

Building a Bigger, Broader Creative Class

5/1/2015 Michigan Engineer Magazine 

More than a ribbon

3/27/2015 Inside MCubed Blog

Back by Popular Demand:  Additional MCubed Information Session Dates

2/11/2015  Inside MCubed Blog

Book It Now! MCubed 2.0 Information Sessions in February

10/9/2014 The University Record

Faculty Panel Will Examine Ways to Leverage U-M Excellence in Biosciences

10/9/2014 The University Record

MCubed Research-funding Experiment Renewed for Two Years

9/30/2014 The University Record

MCubed Opens Public Funding Phase with Projects in Two Areas

4/8/2014 Inside MCubed Blog

MCubed Funding Gets Results!

11/18/2013 Michigan Engineering

MCubed Conference Celebrates Unique Research Collaborations

11/15/2013 The University Record

Crowdsourcing Meets Crowdfunding as MCubed Goes Public

11/7/2013 Michigan Engineering

Innovation on Display at MCubed Demo Day

11/6/2013 Inside MCubed Blog

MCubed Equips Tomorrow's Multidisciplinary Researchers

7/25/2013 | U-M Record Update

Last call for MCubed seed funding; an early success story

7/8/2013 Inside MCubed Blog

MCubed Mobilizes Interdisciplinary, Transnational Team to Understand Q-fever Spread in Kenya

6/5/2013 Inside MCubed Blog

MCubed Highlighted in A Prairie Home Companion

5/28/2013 Inside MCubed Blog

MCubed Reaches the Third Century:  200 Cubes and Counting

5/9/2013 U-M Record Update

MCubed Marks One Year, 194 Cubes, $11M in Interdisciplinary, Innovative Research

5/2/2013 Inside MCubed Blog

MCubed Rackham support is here!

3/15/2013 Inside MCubed Blog

Finally Arrived!

2/22/2013 Inside MCubed Blog

Final Preparations for the First-Come, First Served Phase

2/13/2013 Inside MCubed Blog

First-come, First-served Cubing Phase to Open

1/17/2013 Inside MCubed Blog

Innovation Strikes Again in Second Cubing Phase

1/15/2013 Inside MCubed Blog

117 More Projects Funded in Second Cubing Phase

12/14/2012 Inside MCubed Blog

What's the Point in a Cube?

12/12/2012 Inside MCubed Blog

Watch Your T's and U's to Maximize Your Cubing Odds

12/4/2012 Inside MCubed Blog

MCubed will Fund 150 More Projects by Holiday Break

11/27/2012 Inside MCubed Blog

Wednesday is Cube Day

11/13/2012 Inside MCubed Blog

Impressive Numbers and Ideas

11/6/2012 Inside MCubed Blog

Cube Your Project Nov. 12-19

10/26/2012 Inside MCubed Blog

We've Turned 100! (in less than 2 weeks)

10/22/2012 Inside MCubed Blog

How Much Money Does It Take to Start a Big Project?

10/10/2012 Inside MCubed Blog

A Cubing Quandary:  To Wait in Line or Play the Lottery?

10/9/2012 | Inside MCubed Blog

Thirty Something:  A Good Start

10/8/2012 | Inside MCubed Blog

Unleashing Michigan Innovation with MCubed

10/6/2012 | Inside MCubed Blog

Everyone's On Board

9/17/12 | Inside MCubed Blog

It's not a free lunch.  It's more like "buy one, get one free."

9/4/2012 | Inside MCubed Blog

No review?  Really?

8/27/2012 | Inside MCubed Blog

"Who has my token?" and other related questions

8/17/2012 | Inside MCubed Blog

The cube is rolling

7/25/2012 | U-M Record Update

MCubed update: Getting closer to cubing

5/11/2012 | Science

Good Things Come in Threes for Michigan Faculty

5/9/2012 | U-M News Service

Power to the professors: A bold, new way to fund research begins at U-Michigan

5/9/2012 | The Washington Post

University of Michigan creates model for instant research funding

5/9/2012 | Nature

University unveils collaboration funding scheme

5/9/2012 | The Chronicle of Higher Education

U. of Michigan's Microgrants Encourage Researchers to Explore Innovative Ideas

5/9/2012 | The Scientist

Money for Team Research

5/9/2012 | Ann

with video: University of Michigan attempts new research funding model with $15M 'risky program'

5/9/2012 | Associated Press

U-M announces research funding program, giving $15M to professor projects