Collect/Connect: an interactive library game

Project ID: 932

Cube proposed by: Christi Merrill

Unit: LSA: Humanities

Cycle: MCubed 2.0

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1 accomplishment including $8,333 in research funding!
About this project: 
We plan to create an interactive exhibit with videotaped projections and digital interfaces that parody the 18th-century automaton Chess Player a.k.a. Mechanical Turk. Instead of asking a human being hidden in a cabinet to work with a “director” to make chess moves against a human volunteer, our 21st-century avatar will prompt users to modify catalogue records. And rather than chess, this avatar will play a version of Turing’s Imitation Game but with data and metadata about objects in the UM collections. In Turing's case the game was to distinguish woman from man; in ours the game will be to identify a range of unlikely biases from past search results. This in order to prompt users to think about the human contributions to their daily online interactions via, say, Amazon’s mechanical turk. We are also collaborating with Bruce Maxim, engineering professor at UM-Dearborn’s GAME lab.