Building Translation Networks at Michigan

Project ID: 320

Cube proposed by: Christi Merrill

Unit: LSA: Humanities

Cycle: MCubed 1.0

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9 accomplishments including $183,625 in research funding!
About this project: 
We are interested in developing a range of innovative applications that could make the interdisciplinary inquiries taking place through Translation at Michigan more engaging and fun. A NINI grant has already enabled us to start work on a cluster of apps, including the iPad-based That Translation Game! (For more about this initiative, see the articles "Translation Gains New Ground in American Academy" in Publlishing Perspectives or "Homer Meets Hip Hop" in LSA Today.) We have found collaborators within LSA, the School of Information and the School of Art and Design (with Heidi Kumao a core member of our team) who are working to develop further these and other ideas related to questions of translation, so that we will have working prototypes available within the year when we apply for public funding in translation and the digital humanities.