Cellular Models for Bipolar Disorder using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Cube proposed by: Melvin McInnis

Unit: Medicine

About this project: 
Bipolar disorder is a severe psychiatric disorder characterized by pathological variation in moods ranging from uncontrolled mania to a disabling depression. There are several genes and molecular pathways implicated in the biology of the disorder, but currently there are few cellular models for molecular, biochemical, and cellular experimentation. iPSC lineages with neuronal derivatives have been developed by this team from 4 individuals with bipolar disorder and fibroblast lines established from a further 6 individuals to establish iPSC lines. Initial characterization of the iPSC and neurons include gene expression studies and dynamic calcium assays. This project aims to further characterize the iPSC and neuronal lines using genetic and biochemical methods focused on the molecular and biochemistry of the cell and behavior in relationship to other cells. This includes inter-cellular connectivity and features of the inter-neuronal synapse. The analyses of the data will integrate clinical data with cellular and molecular models.