Community, Memory, and Ethical Access to Music from The Ark and the African Field

Project ID: 239

Cube proposed by: Paul Conway

Unit: Information

Cycle: MCubed 1.0

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About this project: 
This project will build and test a prototype web-based content management platform for delivering digitized and preserved sound recordings of live performances (1969-85) at Ann Arbor’s The Ark music venue and live field recordings (1965-80) made by Leo Sarkisian for the Voice of America’s “Music Time in Africa.” The rich and deeply evocative collections of sound recordings are preserved at the University of Michigan. The scalable project will (1) digitize a sampling of performances from the early years of The Ark and field recordings from all over Africa; (2) engage communities of musicians, music scholars, students, and fans of Americana and World music in describing songs and the assembling memories of performances at The Ark and in African communities using a common metadata model; and (3) experiment with intellectual property management for orphaned recordings and for musicians and songwriters who wish to release their recorded performances under Creative Commons licenses.