Green Organization Community Database

Project ID: 1469

Cube proposed by: Christopher J F Burke

Unit: Education

Cycle: MCubed 2.0

Cube Accomplishments
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About this project: 
Who is working on environmental education and ecojustice issues in Detroit? The proposed project will develop an open source database that identifies and documents the individuals and organizations involved in projects related to environmental issues in public health and education in Southeast Michigan. The proposed database will identify and catalog partnering relationships among groups and individuals, types and breadth of collaborations, levels of involvement with local residents, organizations, and the skills, social and cultural assets that are embedded among the different groups/organizations. The database will be made publically accessible and searchable in order to facilitate interested individuals and groups seeking to identify and develop synergistic relationships that can extend, enhance, and support existing and emergent collaborative projects. The database will also be used as a model with other focus areas that emerge from the Center for Disparity Solutions and Equity.