Digital Environments Cluster Publishing Series

Project ID: 364

Cube proposed by: Tung-Hui Hu

Unit: LSA: Humanities

Cycle: MCubed 1.0

Cube Accomplishments
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About this project: 
We propose to create a micropress for publishing timely and innovative scholarly work on digital media that would not normally fit into the academic publishing system--e.g. works in progress that are not yet fully developed; an essay too long for a journal article, but too short to be a book; a "one-off" topic of exploration that may not fit well into a scholar's normal research profile; a work that could lose its impact after the 24-month delays inherent in the peer-review process. We'll start by publishing works solicited from speakers in the Winter/Fall 2013 Digital Environments/Cyberinfrastructure series, and hope to produce 8 books as a proof of concept.