Emotion Regulation in the Brain

Project ID: 391

Cube proposed by: Twila Tardif

Unit: LSA: Social Sciences

Cycle: MCubed 1.0

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About this project: 
The ability to regulate negative emotions is key to healthy adaptation to stress in both children and adults. This project will examine children's abilities to regulate their responses to both positive and negative feedback. It will use neurophysiological methods to examine the time course of emotion regulation and how it develops in the preschool through school-aged periods in both typically developing and highly anxious children. Adults who suffer from anxiety and depression show exaggerated neural responses to situations in which they make an error or receive negative feedback. However, we do not know whether these responses will be equally strong at identifying risk for depression and anxiety in children. Pilot data collected as part of this MCubed pilot funding will lead to at least two publications and form the basis for a grant submission to study neural indicators as predictors of risk for depression and anxiety in young children.