Foaming induced topography in titanium surfaces toward modulation of osseointegration

Project ID: 952

Cube proposed by: Mihaela Banu

Unit: Engineering

Cycle: MCubed 2.0

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About this project: 
Foaming process is based on hot isostatic pressing of a metallic powder in the presence of argon gas. In the case of Ti-6Al-4V alloy, recent studies shown that the superplasticity induced during solid-state expansion allows to control the boundary of the pores. The effect of topography on actin cytoskeleton will be tested in vitro using mesenquimal stem cells. In vivo when implants are inserted into bone marrow (BM) there is likely an important biological communication between MSCs and hematopoietic cells (HCs). Our goal is to determine the strength of MSC osteoblastic differentiation from such interactions in a mouse in vivo model with knock down of monocytes/macrophages.