Understanding and Facilitating High-Stakes Collaborative Medical Decisions

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Cube proposed by: J. Frank Yates

Unit: LSA: Social Sciences

Cycle: MCubed 2.0

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About this project: 
This project seeks a better understanding of how and how well high-stakes, high-stress medical decisions are made when clinicians, patients, and/or their surrogates (e.g., parents, spouses) deliberate collaboratively. We rely on a recent comprehensive conceptual framework called the “cardinal issue perspective on decision making” (e.g., Yates & Angott, 2012) as well as extensive clinical experience, particularly in intensive care units. Initial subprojects build on CIP-informed analyses of representative transcripts of actual medical deliberations. They allow us to identify specific deliberation practices that either support or undermine decision quality per principles highlighted in the CIP. The later sub-projects will entail the development and testing of specific actions that clinicians might be urged and trained to incorporate into the protocols they follow when addressing patients’ treatment decision problems.