Imaging Fleeting Thoughts

Project ID: 522

Cube proposed by: Douglas C. Noll

Unit: Engineering

Cycle: MCubed 1.0

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4 accomplishments including $60,000 in research funding!
About this project: 
This project will investigate mapping of temporal relationships between brain regions using a new class of ultrafast functional brain MRI using imaging methods based on sparse random sampling with physiologically relevant models to represent brain signals. Whole brain MRI has traditionally been limited to relatively slow temporal resolution of approximately 2 seconds, but new image acquisition approaches may be capable to improving the temporal resolution by an order of magnitude or more. Key to this will be to establish signal models that accurately represent signals that can be estimated from a sparse set of samples. Challenges include modeling of head movement as well as development of efficient computational approaches. With these rapid methods, we will investigate if these approaches can measure changes in the timing of neural events under various behavioral manipulations.