Laser Machined Metamaterials for Novel Sub-Millimeter Optical Elements

Project ID: 1427

Cube proposed by: Jeff McMahon

Unit: LSA: Natural Sciences

Cycle: MCubed 2.0

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About this project: 
Scientific advances are intimately tied to progress in imaging technology. Maximizing the performance of optical elements including anti-reflection coatings, filters, polarization modulators, spectrometers, and lenses depends on our ability to identify materials with unique properties. In the past we were limited to naturally occurring materials, but recent advances make it possible to design and fabricate metamaterials based on sub-wavelength structures that realize optical properties not possible with naturally occurring bulk materials. This project seeks to develope metamaterials into the sub-millimeter wavelength range to enable novel imaging systems for astrophysics and other disciplines. This project will bring together experts in laser machining astrophysical instrumentation, electrical engineering and other relevant disciplines.