Nanoporous infrared windows for radiative sky cooling

Project ID: 1493

Cube proposed by: Andrej Lenert

Unit: Engineering

Cycle: MCubed 2.0

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About this project: 
More efficient cooling methods are needed to reduce building energy consumption and environmental impact. This project aims to develop a material system that will enable passive cooling of buildings by selectively rejecting heat to space, through the atmosphere's transparency window. The proposed design aims to simultaneously enhance cooling power and the below-ambient temperature drop. Further, the material system will have a diffuse appearance, which is architecturally preferred. Scalable nano-manufacturing approaches will be developed to enable a cost-effective solution. The project will also investigate approaches to enhance the rate of heat rejection using geometric/optical elements. Lastly, the compatibility of these materials and approaches with building facades and rooftops will be explored. If successful, the project will drastically reduce the energy required for building air conditioning.