A mathematical, scientific and measurement framework for the assessment of water balance and water quality

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Cube proposed by: Branko Kerkez

Unit: Engineering

Cycle: MCubed 1.0

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About this project: 
This project will develop a comprehensive framework to enable the long-term, measurement and analysis of multiple water quality and water quantity stressors across massive regions. The Great Lakes watershed will be studied as a motivating example, where, by most metrics, water quality is in dire need of restoration. While a large number of restoration initiatives are presently being conducted by state and federal agencies, a quantitative framework for assessing the large-scale, long-term impacts of these initiatives is still lacking. More measurements of water quality and water quantity are needed. Our team will address a core suite of goals: 1) Investigate covariance matrix estimation for high-dimensional problems with few, or missing, data points, 2) develop a sampling framework to minimize required samples while maximizing acquired information, 3) recommend system-level components (software, hardware, sensors) that will be necessary for the long-term, persistent measurement and analysis of the water balance and water quality across massive regions.