Virtual reality as a surrogate sensory environment for evaluation of human luminous environment

Project ID: 284

Cube proposed by: Mojtaba Navvab

Unit: Architecture & Urban Planning

Cycle: MCubed 1.0

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About this project: 
Light is one of the most important factors in design of architectural space, enabling us to view the shape, color and movement of objects within our surroundings and enjoy the living environments through our eyes. Architectural light also impacts our well-being by evoking a variety of “non-image-forming” physiological responses, such as constriction of the pupil, synchronization of circadian rhythm, acute modulation of alertness, and regulation of hormone release. The groups will design and fabricate different types of LED-based light sources exhibiting different lighting characteristics and study the effects of these LED light sources within specially designed luminous environment. A “virtual reality” technique will be used to test these LEDs as well as other architectural lighting conditions while studying both image-forming and non-image-forming visual responses to these light stimuli.