Rackham Summer Award

The Rackham Graduate School is offering eligible master’s students and Ph.D. students, who are part of an MCubed research team, the opportunity to apply for the Rackham Summer Award to work on research, scholarly, or creative projects in collaboration with faculty mentors during Spring/Summer 2017 (May, 2017 through August, 2017).

Students interested in applying for the summer funding should fill out the application on Rackham's website by March 13, 2017. See additional program details below. 


All master’s students and Ph.D. students enrolled in a Rackham program are eligible to apply for a 2017 Rackham Summer Award if:

  • the graduate student is a Rackham Master's student who began his/her graduate study in Spring/Summer or Fall, 2016; or
  • the graduate student is a Ph.D. student who began his/her study anytime between Spring/Summer 2013 and Fall 2015;
  • the proposed research, scholarly, or creative activity directly relates to and helps achieve progress towards the degree;
  • the faculty mentor endorses the project and makes provisions for mentoring during the Spring/Summer 2017 term. The faculty mentor must include a description of the proposed mentoring plan in the faculty recommendation. Strong preference will be given to students whose recommendation letters describe an explicit mentoring plan; and
  • the graduate student is in good academic standing and was enrolled in a minimum of six (6) credit hours in the Winter term preceding the award.

Award Description:

Award recipients will receive up to an $8,000 fellowship stipend for the 2017 Spring/Summer term (May, 2017 through August, 2017). The fellowship does not include tuition, health benefits, research supplies or other expenses. Graduate students will be required to fulfill their responsibilities to the satisfaction of their faculty mentor who will be asked to submit a mid-term progress report. Specific objectives and duties should be agreed upon prior to the Spring/Summer 2017 term.

Selection Criteria:

Criteria for funding will include:

  • the clarity and coherence of the research, scholarship, or creative work proposed;
  • how the proposed work directly relates to and helps achieve progress towards the degree; and
  • the commitment of the faculty advisor to provide mentoring to the student during the summer.

Preference will be given to students with no other financial support for the 2017 Spring/Summer term. Graduate program coordinators will be contacted for information regarding pending funding available to the student for the Spring/Summer 2017 term.

Recipients of the Rackham Summer Award are not eligible to hold a GSI or GSRA appointment during the Spring/Summer term. Students should contact the Fellowships Office about accepting any other financial awards or other employment during the Spring/Summer term.

Application Procedure:

Students must apply using the online application form.

Students should submit a proposal for the work they plan to do during the 2017 Spring/Summer term and a letter of support from their faculty advisor that includes the advisor’s provisions for mentoring over the summer (see below). The work proposal is limited to 1,500 words and should describe how the work directly relates to and helps achieve progress towards the degree. Important: Please identify your MCubed participation, if applicable.

The faculty member who will be the primary mentor during the Spring/Summer 2017 term should submit a letter using the online submission form. The letter should explain the advisor’s expectations of the student, his or her provisions for mentoring the student over the summer, and how the work will advance the academic progress of the student. The letter must also include a plan for the advisor and the student to work together during the term. Strong preference will be given to students whose support letters describe an explicit mentoring plan.

Applications will be reviewed once they have been submitted online. The student will receive an e-mail notification of the award decision. If a fellowship is awarded, procedures for payment will be outlined in the e-mail.

Deadline: March 13, 2017