For SAPOCs: Your Role in Supporting a Cube


If you are a SAPOC in the MCubed system, a faculty member whom you support has identified you as the person who manages his/her research funds.  You should have already received a message from the MCubed system alerting you to this status.

The cube’s project owner is the faculty member whose name appears first on the project card.  This is the person who originally posted the project and invited the other two collaborators to join.  The cube funding will be housed in the project owner’s unit and the project owner's SAPOC will be the Lead SAPOC on the cube.

Visit the MCubed 2.0 page for an overview of the program, including program requirements and a full explanation of MCubed financials.


Lead SAPOC Responsibilities
If you are the SAPOC for the cube’s project owner (Lead SAPOC), you have two major responsibilities:

1)  Provide financial verification for the cube so that funds can be pooled in the cube’s project grant chartfield and transferred to the project owner’s home unit.  MCubed will not authorize the stocking of the chartfield until you complete this process.  Using the link provided in each cube’s “SAPOC Verification Needed” email notification message, you may view and edit the financial verification form online.

Department ID:  Provide the department ID where the project grant chartfield should be established (in the project owner’s home unit).

Shortcodes:  Work with the other two collaborators’ SAPOCs to verify that all three faculty collaborators’ user and overage shortcodes are correct.  User shortcodes cannot be associated with an external sponsored project.  A user shortcode will be “111111” if the faculty collaborator’s unit does not require a contribution from the faculty member.

Sufficient Funds:  Work with the other two collaborators’ SAPOCs to verify that the three faculty collaborators have sufficient funds in their user shortcodes from which to draw the required faculty contribution.  Note:  To accomplish this step, you will need to know what each of the three collaborators’ units requires them to invest for tokens in a classic cube (worth $60K total) or a mini-cube (worth $15K total).  Some units have different funding models depending on the size of cube or rank of faculty member.  The units’ funding models are on the MCubed 2.0 page (scroll down to "Faculty Financial Contribution Breakdown" under "Essential Tools"), or you can consult with your unit’s MCubed Unit Liaison for clarification.

2)  Manage the cube funds in the project owner’s home unit.

Following Financial Verification, Shared Services will create a PG Chartfield for each cube and communicate this to the lead MCubed SAPOC. 

Each cube will receive only one shortcode from which to charge cube expenses, regardless of which Fund the monies originated from.

During the cube close out process, Shared Services will adjust expenses by fund to properly allocate the funding. It should be noted that this is unique to MCubed and is an exception to how expenses with multiple funding sources are typically handled.

It is important that you stay in good communication with the SAPOCs for the other two faculty collaborators on the cube. Inform them of the cube's shortcode and make a plan for how you will track spending together.


Responsibilities for SAPOCs of the other two collaborators on the cube:

1) Verify your faculty member's shortcode has sufficient funds to invest and confirm the correct overdraft shortcode. Communicate this information to the Lead SAPOC (project owner's SAPOC).   Please see notes above about how to work with the project owner’s SAPOC.  To get started, use the link from the cube’s “SAPOC Verification Needed” email message to view (but not edit) the financial verification form online.

2) Stay in touch through the funding period to promote good communication about spending decisions among the three faculty.


Thank you for your important role in supporting these cubes and their innovative multidisciplinary research!   Please contact with any concerns.