Poster Session

The poster session will take place in the Ballroom, Hussey, Michigan, and Vandenberg rooms of the Michigan League. Over 250 cube teams will present their reserach through this dynamic gathering at the 2017 MCubed Symposium! 

Click here for a PDF of the full event program.

In the Ballroom

Arts, Culture, History, Language


Brain Function, Human Behavior, Mental Health



Cells, Molecules, Biosciences

Environmental Science and Sustainability


Education and Academic Innovation

The Human Body


In the Hussey Room

3D Technology

Business, Policy, and Decision-making

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Medical Technology and Treatments


In the Michigan Room

Data, Informatics, Networks, Social Media

Pharma and Drug Delivery


Transportation and Mobility


Women's and Children's Health


In the Vandenberg Room


Genetics, DNA, RNA


Mathematical and Physical Sciences


MCubed Diamond Program