Sarah Aciego

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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
LSA: Natural Sciences
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Assistant Professor
Short bio: 

2006   PhD., Department of Earth and Planetary Science, University of California, Berkeley, CA

1999   BS cum laude, Geological Sciences, College of Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Recent publications: 

Touboul M, Sprung P, Aciego SM, Bourdon B, Kleine T; Hf–W chronology of the eucrite parent body. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Vol. 156,05/2015 Pages: 106-121.

Aciego SM, Aarons,SM, Sims KWW, The uranium-isotopic composition of Saharan dust collected over the central Atlantic Ocean; Aeolian Research Vol. 17,06/2015 Pages: 61-66.

Aciego SM, Bourdon B, Lupker M, Rickli J; A new procedure for separating and measuring radiogenic isotopes (U, Th, Pa, Ra, Sr, Nd, Hf) in ice cores; Chemical Geology Vol. 266, Issue 3. 2009 Pages: 194-204.

Liu YW, Aciego SM, Wanamaker AD, Sell BK; A high‐throughput system for boron microsublimation and isotope analysis by total evaporation thermal ionization mass spectrometry, Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry Vol. 27, Issue 15. 2013: 1705-1714.