Amal Hassan Fadlalla

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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
LSA: Humanities
Afroamerican and African Studies
Associate Professor
Short bio: 

B.S., University of Khartoum 1986

M.S., University of Khartoum

Ph.D., Northwestern University 2000

Research summary: 

Cultural anthropology, medical anthropology, gender studies, population and development, sexuality, identity, poverty, social inequalities, political economy, and diaspora and transnationalism (Sudan, Africa, the Middle East, and the Diaspora).

Recent publications: 

Vulnerability Unvield: Lubna’s Pants and Humanitarian Visibility on the Verge of Sudan’s Secession. In Veiling in Africa. Elisha Renne, ed. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2012. 

State of Vulnerability and Humanitarian Visibility on the Verge of Sudan’s Secession: Lubna’s Pants and the Transnational Politics of Rights and Dissent, Signs, 37 (1):159-184, 2011.

Gendered insecurities, health, and development in Africa, co-edited with Howard Stein, Forthcoming, Routledge 2011.

Book review of “ ‘Brothers’ or Others: Propriety and Gender for Muslim Arab Sudanese in Egypt,” by Anita Fabos. In American Ethnologist 37 (3), 2010.

Contested Borders of (In)humanity: Sudanese refugees and the mediation of suffering and subaltern visibilities, Urban Anthropology 38 (1), 79-120. 2009.