Almantas Galvanauskas

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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
(734) 615-7166
Short bio: 

Ph.D. Royal Institute of Tech. Sweden. 

Research summary: 

Fiber lasers are the next generation of lasers, leading to a number of revolutionary advances in industrial, defense and scientific applications. These advances hinge on fiber lasers’ unique power scalability and their suitability for monolithic integration, so that free space optical configurations of conventional lasers are being replaced by optical circuitry consisting of various fiber and micro-optics elements and components.

Our research is organized into three broad thrusts: (i) novel components for fiber lasers, (ii) advanced fiber laser systems, which include exploring performance limits (power, energy, duration, etc.) of fiber lasers as well as exploring novel fiber laser architectures (for example, fiber laser arrays), and (iii) novel applications of fiber lasers (for example, EUV or X-ray generation with fiber lasers).

Recent publications: 

Kai-Chung Hou, Aghapi G. Mordovanakis, John Nees, Almantas Galvanauskas, Simi George, Kazutoshi Takenoshita, Martin Richardson, and Bruno Lafontaine, "High power fiber laser driver for efficient EUV lithography source with tin-doped water droplet targets", Optics Express 16

Guoqing Chang, Charles J. Divin, Jun Yang, Malakeh A Musheinish, Steven L. Williamson, Almantas Galvanauskas, and Theodore B. Norris, "GaP waveguide emitters for high power broadband THz generation pumped by Yb-doped fiber lasers", Optics Express 15, 16308 - 16315 (2007)

Simi A. George, Kazutoshi Takenoshita, Martin C. Richardson, Kai-Chung Hou, and Almantas Galvanauskas, "13.5 nm EUV generation from tin-doped droplets using a Fiber Laser", Opt. Express 15, 13942-13948 (2007)

Kai-Hsiu Liao, Aghapi G. Mordovanakis, Bixue Hou, Guoqing Chang, Matthew Rever, Gerard Mourou, John Nees, and Almantas Galvanauskas, "Generation of hard X-rays using an ultrafast fiber laser system", Opt. Express 15, 13942-13948 (2007)

E. E. Serebryannikov, A. M. Zheltikov, Kai-Hsiu Liao, A. Galvanauskas, and A. Baltuska, "Dispersion and nonlinear phase shift compensation in high-peak-power short-pulse fiber laser sources using photonic-crystal fibers", SUBMITTED to JOSA B

Sachin Joshi, Azer P. Yalin, and Almantas Galvanauskas, "Use of hollow core fibers, fiber lasers, and photonic crystal fibers for spark delivery and laser ignition in gases", Applied Optics 46, 4057- 4064 (2007)

Chenan Xia, Malay Kumar, Ming-Yuan Cheng, Ojas P. Kulkarni, Mohammed N. Islam, Almantas Galvanauskas, Fred L. Terry Jr., Mike J. Freeman, Daniel A. Nolan, and William A. Wood, "Supercontinuum Generation in Silica Fibers by Amplified Nanosecond Laser Diode Pulses", IEEE JSTQE Special Issue on the Progress in Solid-State, Fiber, and Tunable Sources 13 (No3), 789 - 797 (2007)

Ultrafast Optics; Fiber and Integrated Photonics and Lasers.