Richard P. Bagozzi

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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Dwight F. Benton Professor of Behavioral Science in Management; Professor of Clinical, Social and Administrative Science, College of Pharmacy
(734) 647-6435
Short bio: 

M.A. University of St. Thomas. 2005.

Ph.D. Northwestern University. 1976.

M.B.A. Wayne State University. 1972.

B.S.E.E. Kettering University. 1970.

M.S. University of Colorado. 1969.


Research summary: 

Professor Bagozzi does basic research into human emotions, decision making, social identity, and action.  This work has been applied to the study of consumers, patients, doctors, salespersons, managers, and organizations.  He also does reseach into multivariate statistics and its relationship to measurement, construct validity, theory, hypotheses testing, and the philosophy of science. The methods he uses include experimentation, survey research, and qualitative research. Recently he has investigated biological bases of manager and consumer behavior by use of fMRI analyses to study neuroscience processes, genetic, and hormonal methods.

Recent publications: 

Algesheimer, R., R.P. Bagozzi, and U. M. Dholakia,"Key Informant Models For Measuring Group-Level Variables In Small Groups: Application To Plural Subject Theory", Sociological Methods and Research, DOI: 10.1177/0049124115613782, pp 1-37, forthcoming Xie, C. Bagozzi, R.P., and Grønhaug, K., “The Role of Moral Emotions and Individual Differences in Consumer Responses to Corporate Green and Non-green Actions,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 2015, 43(3): 333-356. Verbeke, W., Bagozzi, R.P., and van den Berg, W., “The Role of Attachment Styles in Regulating the Effects of Dopamine on the Behavior of Salespersons,” Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 2014, 8(32): 1-13. Bagozzi, R.P., W.J.M.I. Verbeke, R.C. Dietvorst, F.D. Belschak, W.E. van den Berg, and W.J.R. Rietdijk, “Theory of Mind and Empathic Explanations of Machiavellianism: A Neuroscience Perspective,” Journal of Management, 2013, 39, 1760-1798. Romani, S., S. Grappi, and R.P. Bagozzi, “Explaining Consumer Reactions to Corporate Social Responsibility: The Role of Gratitude and Altruistic Values,” Journal of Business Ethics, 2013, 114, 193-206 Bagozzi, R.P., W.J.M.I. Verbeke, W.E. van den Berg, W.J.R. Rietdijk, R.C. Dietvorst, and L. Worm, “Genetic and Neurological Foundations of Customer Orientation: Field and Experimental Evidence,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 2012, 40, 639- 658. Bagozzi, R.P., M. Bergami, G.L. Marzocchi, and G. Morandin, "Customer-Organization Relationships: Development and Test of a Theory of Extended Identities," Journal of Applied Psychology, 2012, 97(1), 63-76. Bagozzi, R.P. "Alternative Perspectives in Philosophy of Mind and Their Relationship to Structural Equation Models in Psychology", Psychological Inquiry, 2011, 22, 8 8-99. Tam, L., R.P. Bagozzi, and J. Spanjol, “When Planning Is Not Enough: The SelfRegulatory Effect of Implementation Intentions on Changing Snacking Habits,” Health Psychology, 2010, Vol. 29(3), 284-292. Dietvorst, R.C., Verbeke, W.J.M.I., Bagozzi, R.P., Yoon, C., Smits, M., and A. van der Lugt, “A Sales Force Specific-Theory-of-Mind Scale: Tests of Its Validity by Classical Methods and Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging”, Journal of Marketing Research, 2009, 46, 653-668. Bagozzi, R.P., “On the Meaning of Formative Measurement and How It Differs from Reflective Measurement,” Psychological Methods, 2007, 12, 229-237.