Michelle Bellino

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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Educational Studies
Assistant Professor
Short bio: 

2008 – 2014  Ed.D,  Harvard Graduate School of Education, Culture, Communities, and Education

2008 – 2010  M.Ed. Harvard Graduate School of Education, Risk and Prevention

2005 – 2007  Master’s University at Buffalo- M.A. in Cultural Anthropology

1999 – 2002  BA, Cornell University,  English

Research summary: 

Michelle J. Bellino, Ed.D., Harvard Graduate School of Education, is an Assistant Professor of Educational Studies at the University of Michigan School of Education. Her research centers on the intersection of history education and youth civic development, particularly in contexts of armed conflict and their aftermath. She is also actively exploring the role of the educational sector as a mechanism of transitional justice in emergent democracies. Her work has been featured in Anthropology and HumanismInternational Journal of History Teaching, Learning, and ResearchInternational Journal of Social Education; and several collections on history education. She has served as a research consultant for Facing History and Ourselves, the International Rescue Committee, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Recently, she was selected as a Jennings Randolph Peace Scholar by the United States Institute of Peace and a Concha Delgado Gaitan Presidential Fellow by the Council of Anthropology and Education.

Recent publications: 

Bellino, M.J. (in press). “Violence is who we are”: Adolescents constructing human rights consciousness in “postwar” Guatemala. Listening: A Journal of Communication Ethics, Religion, and Culture. Special Issue: The social construction of human rights.

Dryden-Peterson, S., Bellino, M.J., & Chopra, V. (in press). Youth education in conflict. In B.D. Miller, S. Freeman, & C. Byrne (Eds.) International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences (2nd ed.), Elsevier.

Bellino, M.J. (2014). Whose past, whose present?: Historical memory among the “postwar” generation in Guatemala. In Williams, J.H. (Re)constructing memory: School textbooks and the imagination of the nation (pp. 131-152).Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

Bellino, M.J. (2013). Educating the “good citizen”: Memory in postwar Guatemala. ReVista XIV (3).

Bellino, M.J. & Selman, R.L. (2012). The intersection of historical understanding and ethical reflection during early adolescence: A place where time is squared. In M. Carretero, M. Asensio, & M. Rodríguez-Moneo (Eds.) History education and the construction of national identities (pp. 189-202). Information Age Publishing.

Bellino, M.J. (2012). Further readings [bibliographic essay]. In D. Rothenberg (Ed.) Memoria de silencio [Memory of silence: The Guatemalan Truth Commission Report] (pp. 227-234), Palgrave; FyG Editores.

Bellino, M.J. & Selman, R.L. (2011). High School Students’ Understanding of Personal Betrayal in a Socio-historical Context of Ethnic Conflict: Implications for Teaching History. International Journal of History Teaching, Learning and Research 10(1), 29-43.