Bonnie M. Hagerty

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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Division of Acute, Critical, and Long-term Care (Division I)
Associate Professor; Associate Dean, Office of Undergraduate Programs
(734) 764-7188
Short bio: 

Ph.D. University of Michigan. 1989.

M.S. University of Maryland. Nursing. 1979.

B.S. Russell Sage College. Nursing. 1974.

Research summary: 

As one of the major accomplishments of her career, Dr. Hagerty developed a theory of Human Relatedness with a focus on Sense of Belonging and designed an instrument to measure this concept, the Sense of Belonging Instrument (SOBI). This instrument has been published and is currently translated into several languages and used  world-wide for research relating to belonging, depression, suicide, identity, and other indicators of social and psychological functioning.  Results of her research indicate that sense of belonging is more powerful than social support in relation to interpersonal functioning difficulties.  In related work, Dr. Hagerty has also been conducting research on depression with a specific focus on depression in the military, adherence to antidepressant medications, self-management of recurrent depression, and the relationship between depression and sense of belonging. 

Recent publications: 

Arslanian-Engoren, C., Hagerty, B.M., Antonakos, C.L., & Eagle, K.A. (2010). The feasibility and utility of the aid to cardiac triage intervention to improve nurses' cardiac triage decisions. Heart & Lung: The Journal of Acute and Critical Care (39), 201-207.

Arslanian-Engoren, C., Hagerty, B.M., Eagle, K. (in press). Evaluation of the ACT intervention to improve nurses’ cardiac triage decisions. Western Journal of Nursing Research, in press.

Williams, R.A., Hagerty, B.M., Brasington, S., Clem, J., & Williams, D.A. (in press). Stress Gym: Feasibility of deploying a Web-enhanced behavioral self-management program for stress in military setting. Military Medicine.

Hagerty, B.M., Williams, R.A., Bingham, M., & Richard, M. (in press). Military nurses and combat casualty patients: A qualitative analysis of psychosocial care. Perspectives in Psychiatric Care.

Hagerty, B.M., Williams, R.A., Aikens, J., West, B., Fuller, D.S., Kazemi, J., & Murphy, M. Development of a clinical tool to measure cognitive representations of antidepressants. Journal of Behavioral Medicine. (Under review).

Shin, N.M., Hagerty, B.M., & Williams, R.A. (2010). Gender comparison in depressive symptoms and use of antidepressant medications following acute coronary syndrome. Applied Nursing Research, 23, 73-79.

Sense of belonging concept; Mood disorders,
depression; Self-management of mood disorders; Stress and coping; Military stress and coping