Daniel S Hack

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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
LSA: Humanities
LSA English Language & Lit
Associate Professor
Short bio: 

Ph.D., UC-Berkeley  1998

Research summary: 

Nineteenth-century British literature and culture; history and theory of the novel; transatlantic studies; nineteenth and early-twentieth century African American literature and print culture

Recent publications: 

Book: The Material Interests of the Victorian Novel (University of Virginia Press, 2005).


Articles and Chapters: "Flat Burglary? A Course on Nineteenth-Century African American and British Literature and Transatlantic Print Culture," in Teaching Transatlanticism: Curricular Conversations on 19th-Century Anglo-American Print Culture, ed. Linda Hughes and Sarah Robbins (Edinburgh UP, forthcoming); "Transatlantic Eliot: African American Connections," in The Blackwell Companion to George Eliot (2013); "The Last Victorian Novel: The Quest of the Silver Fleece" in The Oxford Handbook of the Victorian Novel, ed. Lisa Rodensky (2013); "Wild Charges: The Afro-Haitian 'Charge of the Light Brigade," Victorian Studies (Winter 2012); "The Canon in Front of Them: African American Deployments of 'The Charge of the Light Brigade,'" in Early African American Print Culture, ed. Lara Cohen and Jordan Stein (Penn Press, 2012); "Close Reading at a Distance: Bleak House," Novel: A Forum on Fiction(Fall 2009); "Volpurno—or the Student: A Forgotten Tale of Madness by Wilkie Collins,"Times Literary Supplement (2 January 2009); “Transatlantic Transformations: TeachingBleak House and The Bondwoman’s Narrative,” in Approaches to Teaching Charles Dickens’s “Bleak House,” (MLA, 2009); "Close Reading at a Distance: The African Americanization of Bleak House," Critical Inquiry (Summer 2008); “Revenge Stories of Modern Life,” Victorian Studies (Winter 2006), “Literary Paupers and Professional Authors: The Guild of Literature and Art,” Studies in English Literature, 1500–1900 (Autumn 1999); “‘Sublimation Strange’: Allegory and Authority in Bleak House,” ELH (Spring 1999); “Inter-Nationalism: Castle Rackrent and Anglo-Irish Union,” Novel: A Forum on Fiction (Winter 1996)


Selected reviews: How to Do Things with Books in Victorian Britain, by Leah Price (Review 19, nbol-19.org) Empty Houses: Theatrical Failure and the Novel, by David Kurnick (Nineteenth-Century Literature, June 2012) The American Slave Narrative and the Victorian Novel, by Julia Sun-Joo Lee, Victorian Studies (Winter 2011); "Indians in Theory and in Practice" (review-essay on The Transatlantic Indian, 1776-1930, by Kate Flint, Victorian Studies (Winter 2009); Knowing Dickens, by Rosemarie Bodenheimer,Victorian Studies (Summer 2009); The Novel of Purpose: Literature and Social Reform in the Anglo-American World, by Amanda Claybaugh, Victorian Studies (Winter 2008); Paperwork: Fiction and Mass Mediacy in the Paper Age, by Kevin McLaughlin,Victorian Studies (Summer 2006); Patent Inventions: Intellectual Property and the Victorian Novel, by Clare Pettitt, Novel: A Forum on Fiction (Fall 2005); George Eliot’s Pulse, by Neil Hertz, Novel: A Forum on Fiction (Fall 2003/Spring 2004)