Dawen Cai

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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Cell and Developmental Biology
Assistant Professor
Research summary: 

Neurobiophysics, Single Molecule Biophysics, Spectroscopy & Microscopy.

Recent publications: 

Amar R. Bhagwat; Daniel Flynn; Meredith H. Brenner; Marcos Nunez; Jennifer P. Ogilvie; Dawen Cai; Joel A. Swanson; Two-photon fluorescence resonance energy transfer stoichiometry in living cells. Optics InfoBase Conference Papers. 2014.

M.H. Brenner; D. Cai; S.W. Straight; J.A. Swanson; J.P. Ogilvie; Pulse-shaping-based two-photon FRET microscopy. EPJ Web of Conferences. 2013;41.

Meredith H. Brenner; Dawen Cai; Joel A. Swanson; Jennifer P. Ogilvie; Two-photon imaging of multiple fluorescent proteins by phase-shaping and linear unmixing with a single broadband laser. Optics Express. 2013;21(14):17256-17264.

Dawen Cai; Kimberly B. Cohen; Tuanlian Luo; Jeff W. Lichtman; Joshua R. Sanes; Improved tools for the Brainbow toolbox. Nature Methods. 2013;10(6):540-547.

Meredith H. Brenner; Dawen Cai; Sarah R. Nichols; Samuel W. Straight; Adam D. Hoppe; Joel A. Swanson; Jennifer P. Ogilvie; Pulse shaping multiphoton FRET microscopy. Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE. 2012;8226:[82260R].