Emmanuelle Marquis

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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Materials Science & Engineering
Associate Professor & Director of the Materials Center for Materials Characterization (MC)2   
Short bio: 

Ph.D Northwestern University. Materials Science and Engineering. 2002.

M.S. Ecole des Mines de Paris. Materials Science and Engineering. 1998.

Research summary: 

Research focuses on understanding and quantifying the mechanisms controlling microstructural evolution in alloy systems (including light alloys), interfacial properties, oxidation behavior and irradiation effects in materials. To complement her experimental work, she forges close ties to groups in computational and theoretical materials science. Her work is pushing the limits of atomic scale microscopy techniques, i.e. atom-probe tomography and high resolution transmission and scanning transmission electron microscopy and Emmanuelle is continuously working on improving these imaging techniques and developing new approaches to data analysis. She has also succeeded in expanding the realm of atom-probe tomography to include the analysis of microstructural features in bulk oxides.

Recent publications: 
  • Exposing the sub-surface of historical daguerreotypes and the effects of sulfur-induced corrosion, EA Marquis, Y Chen, J Kohanek, Y Dong, S Centeno, Corrosion Science (2015) 94 438-444 link
  • Effects of the local structure dependence of evaporation fields on field evaporation behavior, L Yao, T Withrow, O Restrepo, W Windl, EA Marquis, arxiv.org
  • Microchemical and microstructural evolution of AISI 304 stainless steel irradiated in EBR-II at PWR-relevant dpa rates, Y Dong, BH Sencer, F Garner, EA Marquis J. Nuclear Materials (2015) link
  • Linking the Microstructure of a Heat-Treated WE43 Mg Alloy with its Corrosion Behavior, P-W Chou, EA Marquis, Corrosion Science 101 94-104 link
  • On the current role of atom probe tomography in materials characterization and materials science, EA Marquis, M Bachhav, Y Chen, Y Dong, L Gordon, A McFarland, Current Opinions in Solid State and Materials Science (2013) 17 217-223 link