Gregory Dalack

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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Associate Professor
Short bio: 

Gregory Dalack began his position as the permanent Chair of the Department of Psychiatry on April 1, 2010 after serving as interim Chair since September, 2007. A devoted clinician, educator, and clinical investigator, he looks forward to leading the department of more than 500 faculty, staff and trainees to a new level of productivity and even greater national recognition. Dr. Dalack joined the medical school faculty at the University of Michigan in 1992, serving first as Chief of the Mental Health Clinic at the V.A. Ann Arbor Healthcare System and then as Chief of the V.A. Psychiatry Service and the Director of the V.A. Section in the U-M Department of Psychiatry. In 2005, he became Associate Chair for Education and Academic Affairs. From 2006 until his appointment as Interim Chair, Dr. Dalack also served as Vice-Chair of the Department.

After receiving his B.S. from Yale and his M.D. from Columbia University, Dr. Dalack completed his Internship, Psychiatry Residency and Clinical Research Fellowship at the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and New York State Psychiatric Institute in New York City. His clinical and research interests have focused on severe and persistent psychiatric illnesses, particularly the co-morbidity of nicotine addiction and schizophrenia. His current scholarly interests include developing methods to monitor and manage the weight gain and metabolic changes caused by atypical antipsychotics (medications often used in the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder), and studies to understand the mechanisms underlying the co-occurrence of mood disorders and heart disease.

Dr. Dalack was drawn to medicine because of the opportunity to apply science to human interaction. He chose to specialize in psychiatry because the field uniquely values the connection to patients, and encourages the appreciation of patients’ strengths while helping them cope with the impact of their illnesses. As an educator, he is committed to helping students and trainees understand and appropriately care for patients who suffer with psychiatric conditions, and provide them with the necessary tools to guide patients and families through difficult times.

Research summary: 

Smoking, Nicotine Addiction and Schizophrenia

Treatment Response with Atypical Antipsychotics in Schizophrenia

Recent publications: 

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