Kenneth Adams

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No Tokens Left in Unit
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Short bio: 


Internship: Lafayette Clinic (Detroit Medical Center) 1973

Wayne State University Wayne State University: Ph.D. (Psychology) 1974

Wayne State University: M.A. (Clinical Psychology) 1973

Wayne State University: B.S. (Psychology & Mathematics) 1970

Research summary: 

His research interests include methodology in brain-behavior studies, neuroimaging in studies of neuropsychological issues, long terms effects of alcohol and substance abuse on development, and child neuropsychological risk factors and their effect on adult outcomes

Recent publications: 

Marshall, D.F., Walker, S.J., Ryan, K.A., Masoud, M.M., Saunders, E.F., Weldon, A.L., Adams, K.M., McInnis, M.G., & Langenecker, S.A. (2012) Greater executive and visual memory dysfunction in comorbid Bipolar Disorder (BD) and Substance use disorder (SUD) compared to those with BD without SUD. Psychiatry Research, 200, 252-257. (appeared in Jan. 2013)

Adams, K.M. & Waldron-Perrine, B. (2013). Once over the emotional landscape for clinical neuropsychology, with feeling. PsychCritques, 57

Duax, J.M., Waldron-Perrine, B., Rauch, S.A.M., & Adams, K.M. (2013). Prolonged exposure therapy for a Vietnam veteran with PTSD and early stage dementia. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 20, 64-73.

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