Mary K. East

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No Tokens Left in Unit
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
GSA- Administration (GSA/ADM)
Short bio: 

Dr. East is an Instructor of Surgery at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Ann Arbor. Dr. East is the Associate Chief of Staff for Education at the VA Hospital.

Recent publications: 

Richard L. Wahl; Monica Liebert; John Headington; Barry S. Wilson; Barry L. Shulkin; Jon W. Johnson; Shirley Mallette; Ronald B. Natale; William Coon; Mary East; et al. Lymphoscintigraphy in melanoma: Initial evaluation of a low protein dose monoclonal antibody cocktail. Cancer Research. 1990;50(3 SUPPL.):941s-948s.

J.K. Prasad; P.D. Thomson; M.K. East. Faecal fistula as the result of thermal injury to the abdominal wall. Burns. 1989;15(2):112-114.

Michael K. McLeod; Mary E. East; Richard E. Burney; Jay K. Harness; Norman W. Thompson. Hashimoto's thyroiditis revisited: The association with thyroid cancer remains obscure. World Journal of Surgery. 1988;12(4):509-515.