Mario Fabiilli

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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Research Investigator
Short bio: 

Ph.D. University of Michigan. Biomedical Engineering. 2010

Scientist, Pfizer, 2004-2007

M.S.E. University of Michigan, Biomedical Engineering. 2004

B.S.E. University of Michigan, Chemical Engineering. 2003



Recent publications: 

 A. Moncion, K.J. Arlotta, O.D. Kripfgans, J.B. Fowlkes, P.L. Carson, A.J. Putnam, R.T. Franceschi, M.L. Fabiilli. Design and characterization of fibrin-based acoustically responsive scaffolds for tissue engineering applications. Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, in press November 2015

R.A. Orizondo, M.L. Fabiilli, M.A. Morales, K.E. Cook. Optimization of water-in-perfluorocarbon emulsion for effective pulmonary tobramycin delivery. Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery, accepted June 2015

M.L. Fabiilli, C.G. Wilson, F.R. Padilla, F.M. Martin-Saavedra, J. B. Fowlkes, R.T. Franceschi. Acoustic droplet-hydrogel composites for on-demand delivery of growth factors and control of scaffold properties. Acta Biomaterialia.  2013; 9(7):7399-7409

M.L. Fabiilli, M.R. Piert, R.A. Koeppe, P.S. Sherman, C.A. Quesada, O.D. Kripfgans. (2013) Assessment of the biodistribution of an [18F]FDG-loaded perfluorocarbon double emulsion using dynamic micro-PET in rats. Contrast Media & Molecular Imaging. 2013; 8(4): 366-374

M.L. Fabiilli, J.A. Lee, O.D. Kripfgans, P.L. Carson, J.B. Fowlkes.  Delivery of water-soluble drugs using acoustically-triggered, perfluorocarbon double emulsions. Pharmaceutical Research. 2010; 27(12): 2753-2765

M.L. Fabiilli, K.J. Haworth, I.E. Sebastian, O.D. Kripfgans, P.L. Carson, J.B. Fowlkes. Delivery of chlorambucil using an acoustically-triggered, perfluoropentane emulsion. Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology.  2010; 36(8): 1364-1375

M.L. Fabiilli, K.J. Haworth, N.H. Fakhri, O.D. Kripfgans, P.L. Carson, J.B. Fowlkes. The role of inertial cavitation in acoustic droplet vaporization. IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control.  2009; 56(5): 1006-1017



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