Melissa Gross

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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Movement Science
Associate Professor
Short bio: 


Ph.D., University of California Los Angeles Kinesiology 1984

M.S., University of California Los Angeles Kinesiology 1979

B.A., University of Colorado Dance 1976 

Research summary: 

I conduct research aligned with my disciplinary training in biomechanics and in my role as an academic innovator. In the Behavioral Biomechanics Laboratory, we investigate the effects of emotion on body movements. To date, we have studied emotion-related kinematics in healthy individuals during whole body movements. We have found that body posture is particularly sensitive to felt emotions, regardless of movement speed. We are now extending our studies to include individuals with mood disorders. The goal of this work is to develop body movement as a potential biomarker to assist clinicians, families and individuals with managing mood disorders. In the classroom, I use learning analytics to investigate the effects of digital tools and active learning pedagogies on learning outcomes.

Recent publications: 

Greenberg, A.K., Wright, M.C., Anderson, O.S., and Gross, M.M. Effects of image-based and text-based activities on student learning outcomes. Journal of College Science Teaching (in press)

Kang, G.E and Gross, M.M. Emotional influences on sit-to-walk in healthy young adults. Human Movement Science 40: 341-351, 2015. DOI 10.1016/j.humov.2015.01.009

Crane, E.A. and Gross, M.M. Effort-Shape characteristics of emotion-related body movement. Journal of Nonverbal Behavior 37(2): 91-105, 2013. DOI 10.1007/s10919-013-0144-2

Gross, M.M., Crane, E.A. and Fredrickson, B.L. Effort-Shape and kinematic assessment of bodily expression of emotion during gait. Human Movement Science 31(1): 202-221, 2012.  

Crane, E.A., Gross, M.M., and Fredrickson, B.L. Feasibility of using a head-mounted camera to capture dynamic facial expressions during body movement. In D. England (Ed.), Whole Body Interaction, Human–Computer Interaction Series, Vol. XV (pp. 151-162), London: Springer, 2011.

Gross, M.M., Crane, E.A. and Fredrickson, B.L. Methodology for assessing bodily expression of emotion. Journal of Nonverbal Behavior 34(4): 233-248, 2010. 

bipolar disorder,
Learning analytics