Matthias Ihme

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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Aerospace Engineering
Assistant Professor
(734) 615-7270
Short bio: 

Ph.D. Stanford University. Mechanical Engineering. 2007.

M.Sc. University Erlangen, Germany. Computational Engineering. 2002.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH). Munich University of Applied Sciences, Germany. Mechanical Engineering. 2000. 

Research summary: 

Research activities of our group focus on the computational modeling of turbulent and chemically reacting flows; particular emphasis is directed towards improving the fundamental understanding of underlying physical processes involving the coupling between turbulence, combustion-chemistry, pollutant formation and noise emission. Our research approach combines classical theoretical analysis tools (including linear stability analysis, rapid distortion theory, and stochastic models), numerical models (such as Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) formulations and large-eddy simulations (LES)), and the utilization of direct numerical simulation (DNS) results for the development, analysis, and validation of computational models. Current research interests include:

- Heat-transfer and boundary layers in internal combustion engines and rocket propulsion systems

- Combustion-generated noise and supersonic jet noise

- High-order numerical techniques for chemically reacting flows

- Development of LES-models for application to kinetics-controlled combustion, including auto-ignition, low-temperature combustion, and combustion-dynamic processes

- Characterization of facility-induced non-idealities in rapid-compression engines, shock-tubes, and flow reactors

Recent publications: 

Ihme, M., “On the Role of Turbulence and Compositional Fluctuations in Rapid Compression Machines: Autoignition of Syngas Mixtures.” Combust. Flame, in press, 2011.

Ihme, M. and Pitsch, H., “On the generation of direct combustion noise in turbulent non-premixed flames.” International Journal of Aeroacoustics, 11(1), 25-78, 2012.

Torrez, S. M., Driscoll, J. F., Ihme, M., and Fotia, M. L., “Reduced-order modeling of turbulent reacting flows with application to ramjets and scramjets.” Journal of Propulsion and Power, 27(2), 371-382, 2011.

Ihme, M. and See, Y. C., “LES flamelet modeling of a three-stream MILD combustor: Analysis of flame sensitivity to scalar inflow conditions.” Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 33, 1309-1317, 2011

Ihme, M. and See, Y. C., “Prediction of autoignition in a lifted methane/air flame using an unsteady flamelet/progress variable model.” Combust. Flame, 157, 1850-1862, 2010, PDF

Ihme, M., Schmitt, C. and Pitsch, H., “Optimal artificial neural networks and tabulation methods for chemistry representation in LES of a bluff-body swirl-stabilized flame.” Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 32, 1527-1535, 2009

Prediction of turbulent reactive flows,
flamelet modeling,
large-eddy simulation,
scalar mixing,
and aeroacoustics and combustion noise