Michael Bachman

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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Assistant Professor
Short bio: 

Dr. Bachman is the Associate Director of the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory. He also has a research lab studying the pathogenesis of the gram-negative bacterial pathogen Klebsiella pneumoniae.

Research summary: 

The Bachman lab studies the gram-negative bacterial pathogen K. pneumoniae, its mechanisms of pathogenesis, and the host response to infection. K. pneumoniae is a common cause of hospital-acquired infections, including urinary tract infections, bloodstream infections, and pneumonia. Recently, strains of K. pneumoniae have emerged in the United States and throughout the world that are resistant to carbapenems, antibiotics of last resort against severe gram-negative infections. CDC Director Thomas Frieden has termed these "nightmare bacteria" because of high mortality from untreatable infections. Research interests in the laboratory include: 1) Host and K. pneumoniae factors associated with clinical infection, 2) K. pneumoniae virulence factors required for lung infection and invasion, and 3) The Host Response to K. pneumoniae Iron Metabolism.

Recent publications: 
  1. Bachman, M.A., J.E. Oyler, S.H. Burns, M. Caza, F. Lepine, C.M. Dozois, and J.N. Weiser. 16 May 2011. Klebsiella pneumoniae Yersiniabactin predisposes to respiratory tract infection through evasion of Lipocalin 2.  Infect Immun. 79(8): 3309–3316. doi:10.1128/IAI.05114-11. PMCID: PMC314756
  2. Broberg CA, Wu W, Cavalcoli JD, Miller VL, Bachman MA. 2014. Complete Genome Sequence of Klebsiella pneumoniae Strain ATCC 43816 KPPR1, a Rifampin-Resistant Mutant Commonly Used in Animal, Genetic, and Molecular Biology Studies. Genome announcements 2(5): pii: e00924-14. PMCID: PMC4175196
  3. Bachman, M.A., P. Breen, V. Deornellas, Q. Mu, L. Zhao, W. Wu, J. D. Cavalcoli, and H. L.T. Mobley. 2015. Genome-wide Identification of Klebsiella pneumoniae Fitness Genes during Lung Infection. mBio. e00775. doi: 10.1128/mBio.00775-15. PMCID: PMC4462621.
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