Nahomi Ichino

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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
LSA: Social Sciences
Political Science
Assistant Professor
Short bio: 

Stanford University, Stanford, CA Ph.D., Political Science, March 2008

Yale University, New Haven, CT B.A., Political Science, cum laude, May 1999


Research summary: 

Professor Ichino’s research interests focus primarily on ethnic politics, voter behavior, and political parties in developing democracies, with a regional specialization in sub-Saharan Africa.

Recent publications: 

Glynn, Adam N., and Nahomi Ichino. 2014. “Using Qualitative Information to Improve Causal Inference.” Forthcoming, American Journal of Political Science. (Published on Early View online, December 2014). 

Glynn, Adam N., and Nahomi Ichino. 2014. “Increasing Inferential Leverage in the Comparative Method: Placebo Tests in Small-n Research.” Forthcoming, Sociological Methods and Research.

Ichino, Nahomi, and Noah L. Nathan. 2013. “Crossing the Line: Local Ethnic Geography and Voting in Ghana.” American Political Science Review 107(2): 344–61.

Ichino, Nahomi, and Noah L. Nathan. 2013. “Do Primaries Improve Electoral Performance? Evidence from Ghana.” American Journal of Political Science 57(2): 428–41. Ichino – April 2015 2

Ichino, Nahomi, and Noah L. Nathan. 2012. “Primaries on Demand? Intra-Party Politics and Nominations in Ghana.” British Journal of Political Science 42(4): 769–91