Paul Edwards

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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Professor of Information, School of Information and Professor of History, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
Short bio: 

Professor in the School of Information (SI) and the Dept. of History at the University of Michigan. SI is an interdisciplinary professional school focused on bringing people, information, and technology together in more valuable ways.

Research summary: 

My research explores the history, politics, and cultural aspects of computers, information infrastructures, and global climate science.

Recent publications: 


Entangled Histories: climate science and nuclear weapons researchBulletin of the Atomic Scientists (2012)

Eindämmung: Computertechnik und die Politik des kalten KriegesTumult 38: Container/Containment (2012)

La complexité des données climatique: étendues, traitement, controverses, in E. Zaccai, F. Gemenne, and J-M Décroly, eds., Controverses climatiques: sciences et politiques (2012)

Historical Perspectives on the Circulation of Information, Paul N. Edwards, Lisa Gitelman, Gabrielle Hecht, Adrian Johns, Brian Larkin, and Neil Safier (2011)

Science Friction: Data, Metadata, and Collaboration, Paul N. Edwards, Matthew Mayernik, Archer Batcheller, Geoffrey C. Bowker, and Christine Borgman (2011)

Oral history of Edward S. Davidson, pioneer of pipelining techniques for supercomputers, ACM SIGMICRO (2011)

Oral history of Robert P. Colwell, Pentium engineer, ACM SIGMICRO (2011)