Steven Carl Haase

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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Plastic Surgery Section
Clinical Associate Professor
Short bio: 

Steven C. Haase, M.D., serves as an Associate Professor of Surgery in the Section of Plastic Surgery at the University of Michigan Health System. Born and raised in Southeast Michigan, Dr. Haase now lives just outside of Ann Arbor with his wife and three children.


Research summary: 

Dr. Haase has active research interests in several clinical projects. He has received grant support to investigate outcomes following operative treatment of wrist fractures, as well as to perform a detailed economic analysis of leg reconstruction after severe injuries. Current projects include investigations of surgical intervention for ulnar nerve compression at the elbow (cubital tunnel syndrome). Previous publications by Dr. Haase include work on experimental nerve grafts for nerve repair, as well as innovative nerve transfers to restore hand function. More recently, he has published work related to a cost-utility analysis of leg reconstruction, as well as outcomes of surgery for wrist fractures. He has authored several book chapters on hand tumors, wrist fractures, leg reconstruction, and other topics.

Recent publications: 

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