Shanna Daly

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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Mechanical Engineering
Assistant Professor
Short bio: 

Shanna Daly is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and is also Associate Director of the Humanitarian Technology Institute. She has a B.E. in chemical engineering from the University of Dayton and a Ph.D. in chemistry and engineering education from Purdue University.

Research summary: 

Daly's research focuses on design innovations through divergent and convergent thinking as well as through deep needs and community assessments. Her work includes investigations of concept generation practices of novices through practitioners, intersections that yield innovative thinking, creativity in engineering, and problem space exploration.

Recent publications: 

Ibrahim Mohedas; Elsie Effah Kaufmann; Shanna R. Daly; Kathleen H. Sienko. Ghanaian undergraduate biomedical engineering students' perceptions of their discipline and career opportunities, Global Journal of Engineering Education. 2015;17(1):34-41. 0

Ibrahim Mohedas; Shanna R. Daly; Kathleen H. Sienko. Requirements development: Approaches and behaviors of novice designers, Journal of Mechanical Design, Transactions of the ASME. 2015;137(7). 0

Cynthia J. Finelli; Shanna R. Daly; Kenyon M. Richardson. Bridging the research-to-practice gap: designing an institutional change plan using local evidence, Journal of Engineering Education. 2014;103(2):331-361. 0

Shanna R. Daly; Erika A. Mosyjowski; Colleen M. Seifert. Teaching creativity in engineering courses, Journal of Engineering Education. 2014;103(3):417-449. 2

Erika Mosyjowski; Shanna R. Daly; Diane L. Peters; Steve Skerlos; Adam B. Baker. The PhD advising relationship: Needs of returning and directing-pathway students, ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Conference Proceedings. 2014.

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