Stephen Rush

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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Music, Theatre & Dance
Performing Arts and Technology
Professor Performing Arts Technology
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Stephen Rush is a Full Professor at the University of Michigan, where he has worked with students from music, dance, art, and engineering, teaching Creative Process and directing the Digital Music Ensemble - for the last 25 years. With DME he has premiered works by Philip Glass, La Monte Young and John Cage, as well as recording with Pauline Oliveros and “Blue Gene” Tyranny. 

Rush has had premieres in five continents, many publications, and a book on Jazz theology called “Better Get It In Your Soul”.  He has written 5 operas, 100’s of work for Dance, chamber and electronic works, concertos, and two symphonies, performed by the Detroit Symphony and the Warsaw National Symphony. 

There are over 30 CD’s of Rush’s classical and jazz compositions released worldwide, and he has performed with Roscoe Mitchell, Henry Grimes, Steve Swell, Eugene Chadbourne, his bands "Yuganaut" and “Naked Dance”, and the late Peter Kowald.  He also tours and records with his “techno band”, Listening Music from the Age of the Crystal Moon Cone with Chris Peck and Jon Moniaci.

Research summary: 

Composer and Performer of jazz, experimental electronic music and "classical music".  Director of experimental operas and creator of installation art.  

Recent publications: 

Numbers (with Roscoe Mitchell), Rogue Arts, 2012 (CD)

Concierto Brasiliera (Clarinet Concerto) with Richard Stolzman, Parma Recordings, 2012 (CD)

Better Get it In Your Soul (with Reid Hamilton), Church Publishing, 2010 (book)

Rebellion/Inner Rebellion (with Mark Hetzler and others), Summit Records, 2012

electronic music,
installation art