Stephanie Teasley

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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Research Professor, School of Information
Short bio: 


Dr. Stephanie D. Teasley is a research professor  at the School of Information. She is also director of the Usability, Support and Evaluation Lab in the Digital Media Commons Lab at the University Library.

Research summary: 

Stephanie's research  investigates of how instructional technologies and digital media are used to innovate teaching, learning, and collaboration.    Working with the USE Lab team, she builds on recent advances in Learning Analytics to create "early warning systems" that alert faculty and/or students to sub-par student performance.  Teasley’s findings can guide future interventions that combine large data sources, performance dashboards, and purposeful academic support.  She is currently a member of the UM Coursera Advisory Group and the Learning Analytics Task Force.  She is also on the Executive Board of the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR).

Recent publications: 

Bridging the gap from knowledge to action: Putting analytics in the hands of academic advisors.

Steven Lonn, Andrew Krumm, R. Joseph Waddington, Stephanie Teasley

2nd International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge, 2012


Who needs to do what where?: Using learning management systems on residential vs. commuter campuses.

Steven Lonn, Stephanie Teasley

Computers & Education, 2011