Scott Walker Campbell

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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
LSA: Social Sciences
Communication Studies
Associate Professor
Short bio: 

2002, Ph.D., Communication Studies, University of Kansas.

1999, M.A., Communication Studies, University of Missouri-Kansas City.

1992, B.J., University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

Research summary: 

My research examines the social implications of new media, with an emphasis on mobile telephony. Current projects investigate how mobile communication patterns are linked to both the private and public spheres of social life, such as social networking and civic engagement. Several of these projects use a comparative approach to situate the role of mobile communication technology in the larger media landscape and across different societies.

Recent publications: 

Campbell, S. W. (forthcoming). Mobile communication and social privatism: Implications for diverse, weak, and new ties. Review of Communication Research (slated for issue #1 of 2015).

Campbell, S. W., Bayer, J. B., & Ling, R. (in press). The case of the disappearing phone: Implications of Google Glass for the embeddedness of mobile communication. In J. E. Katz (Ed.), Living inside mobile social media. Boston: Boston University Press.

Lippman, J., Campbell, S. W. (in press). Damned if you do, damned if you don’t...if you’re a girl: Relational and normative contexts of adolescent sexting in the United States. Journal of Children and Media.

Ling, R., Baron, N., Lenhart, A., & Campbell, S. W. (in press). ‘Girls text really weird’: Gender, texting, and identity among teens. Journal of Children and Media.

Lee, H., Kwak, N., & Campbell, S. W. (in press). Hearing the other side revisited: The joint workings of cross-cutting discussion and strong tie homogeneity in facilitating deliberative and participatory democracy. Communication Research.