Xudong (Sherman) Fan

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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Biomedical Engineering
(734) 763-1273
Short bio: 

Ph.D. University of Oregon. Physics/Optics. 2000.

M.S. Peking University, Beijing, P.R. China. 1994.

B.S. Peking University, Beijing, P.R. China. 1991.

Research summary: 

Prof. Fan's research focuses on using various micro/nano photonic devices, such as high quality optical resonators, photonic crystals, optical fibers, and nanoparticles, for sensitive detection of biological markers in body fluids (like blood, saliva, or breath) that indicate the occurrence of various diseases such as cancers. These devices can also be field-deployed to rapidly identify biological or chemical threats, and to monitor the chemical levels that reflect the environmental changes. Professor Fan is also interested in bio-inspired photonic devices, where biological processes such as enzymatic cleavage and DNA hybridization are employed to control and manipulate light.

Recent publications: 

Hongbo Zhu, Robert Nidetz, Menglian Zhou, Jiwon Lee, Sanketh Buggaveeti, Katsuo Kurabayashi, and Xudong Fan
         Flow-through Microfluidic Photoionization Detectors for Rapid and Highly Sensitive Vapor Detection
         Lab on a Chip 15, 3021-3029 (2015)

Hengky Chandrahalim, Qiushu Chen, Ali A. Said, Mark Dugan, and Xudong Fan
         Monolithic optofluidic ring resonator lasers created by femtosecond laser nanofabrication
         Lab on a Chip 15, 2335-2340 (2015)

Qiushu Chen, Michael Ritt, Sivaraj Sivaramakrishnan, Yuze Sun, and Xudong Fan
         Optofluidic lasers with a single molecular layer of gain
         Lab on a Chip 14, 4590-4595 (2014)

Kyu Hyun Kim and Xudong Fan
         Surface sensitive microfluidic optomechanical ring resonator sensors
         Applied Physics Letters 105, 191101 (2014)

Girish Shrinivas Kulkarni, Karthik Reddy, Zhaohui Zhong, and Xudong Fan
         Graphene nanoelectronic heterodyne sensor for rapid and sensitive vapour detection
         Nature Communications 5, 4376 (2014)

Micro-Gas Chromatography