What is MCubed?

What is MCubed, and how does it work?

MCubed stimulates innovative research and scholarship by distributing real-time seed funding to multi-unit, faculty-led teams.  Through this revolutionary research funding program, faculty from at least two different campus units can form a collaborative trio, or “cube,” and request either $60K or $15K to advance their idea right away. 

Cubes empower team members to:

  • Keep pace with the rapid information flow of today’s research environment
  • Explore high-risk approaches that might not attract immediate support from more traditional funding mechanisms
  • Tackle pressing social problems too complex for a single disciplinary approach
  • Expose the next generation of researchers/scholars to the benefits of multidisciplinary collaboration


U-M's Unique MCubed Seed Grants Start Second Funding Cycle (University Record article by Nicole Casal-Moore)

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